What’s Your Pick Up Line?

Think of your opening line of a business letter or email as your pick up line. Really.

Imagine walking up to someone you would like to meet and opening with “My name is xxx and I do this and this.” Oh goody. No suddenly smitten response there. Yet, most of us open our written communications the same way. “My company does such and so” or “I want your business.” What makes the reader take notice?

Effective openers motivate the reader to keep on reading. Every document, email or communications you send is competing with an equal number of, face it, very similar documents, emails and communications. You have to capture your reader’s attention for any opportunity to convey your message.

To successfully “pick up” your reader:

      Come here often? Open with a question or a statement that directs the attention to the reader. Does your Internet Marketing plan make sense to you?  Talk about yourself and you’re just like other Tom, Dick or Jane who is trying to get the reader’s attention.

      What’s your sign? Start with phrasing that goes to the reader’s interest or pain. Your business depends on expanding sales channels. It’s about hitting a chord with the reader and the reader’s needs. It’s showing interest in the reader.

      Can you believe those Buccaneers? Create a relationship with the reader. Sustainability practices capture employee loyalty. Address something that matters to the reader and orients him in your direction.

Using the right pick up line to introduce your copy translates into attention – and the opportunity to, at least, launch your message. Make that opening line about you and your needs, and the reader may never get to paragraph two.

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