Stop The “I”

How do you feel when you open an email that starts with “I”? Probably “what does this person want from me now?” comes immediately to mind.

Well, surprise, every time you start your email or letter or text with the word “I” your reader’s hackles go up too.

Starting with “we” or your company name causes the same recoil. Even “As a valued customer” is really about you the writer.  (Yes, I am revisiting this, but it’s a rut easily slipped into again and again.)

Instead, work on inviting the reader into your communications by starting with what matters to that reader. Rather than “I/my company can . . .” consider kicking off your message with:

– “Is your current software program conducive to hybrid staffing?”

– “Your company’s sustainability program could better attract customers.”

– “Which matters more to you in the coming year: ROI or health care?”

Work on rephrasing those “I” statements into “you” statements. You’ll do a better job of drawing your reader in.