Parroting Pompous Phrases?

Still populating your business emails and letters with phrases like as per your request, until such time as people can respond, in a timely manner, etc.? That’s so yesterday. Worse, the aloofness those once popular professional phrases strived for pushes today’s reader away – an option we can ill afford in this business climate. 

Imagine if I started this entry with, “Join me as I am going to afford you an opportunity, in accordance with my habit, to improve your communications skills.” Eyes would glaze, attention would stray, and most of you would be running for the hills or at least the break room.

Curtailing those unintentionally pompous phrases stuck in our business lexicon will:

  • Keep your reader’s attention.
  • Streamline and simplify your writing.
  • Improve client dynamics by making you more approachable.

To start breaking those habits now:

Afford an opportunity Allow
As per your request You recently asked
At this point in time Now
Due to the fact that         Because
Has a requirement for    Needs
In accordance with  Following
In the event that     If
In order to  To
In order for For
In regard to Regarding
No later than Nov. 5   By Nov. 5
Until such time as  Until
With the exception of Except
With reference to About

You wouldn’t walk up to someone and say “Pursuant to our conversation.”  Why write with that kind of posturing?   Work towards more concise, on-point copy, fewer words on the page, and creating relationships with your audience through writing that pulls readers in rather than pushes them away.

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