Executive Speak/Write provides:

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Public Speaking Training/Coaching

Executive Speak/Write designs presentation skills training courses focused on media and communication training for executives, attorneys, physicians, spokespeople, and on-air personalities. Our personalized programs enable clients to develop effective verbal communication methods for persuasion in oral business communication. Button2

These programs:

  • Enhance Oral Communication Skills. Learn to convey your messages effectively during public appearances, staff meetings, corporate and sales presentations, crises, panel discussions and stakeholder programs.
  • Improve Media and Communication Training. Master techniques to control media interviews and press conferences, answer questions, avoid delicate issues tactfully and hold on to agendas for maximum effectiveness.


  • Individualize speech-oral communication training to suit each person’s speaking style.
  • Identify each person’s strengths and uniqueness as a speaker.
  • Videotape both impromptu and prepared key-word presentations, with evaluation and coaching through playback.
  • Address regionalisms, slurred syllables, etc. to create the appropriate voice for each audience.
  • Analyze progress through comparison from starting point to present.


  • Verbal agility for more effective “thinking on your feet.”
  • More confident meeting leadership and oral presentations.
  • Increased effective communication skills in business.
  • Dynamic communicative energy, both at the lectern and with the media.
  • Enhanced audience analysis capabilities to achieve maximum persuasion.
  • Effective use of body language, hand and facial gestures, and movement.

THE FINAL OUTCOME? Messages are delivered powerfully, successfully, and professionally, reflecting positively on the individual, the company and the situation. Button2