On Stage At Work

Executive Presence is the differentiator when vying for jobs, meeting control, customer attention, etc.  After all, you are essentially on state.  If you haven’t dusted off your EP lately, it’s time for a mental review of how you interact with internal and external audiences (and, perhaps, some brush-ups).  Think about the last few times you were “on stage.”  Evaluate your: 

  • Openness.  Do you convey a sense of receptivity – a willingness to consider other ideas, approaches and points of view? 
  • Involvement.  True leaders are passionate about what they do.  Do your words and movements demonstrate your commitment? 
  • Honesty.  Trust is hard to build in the workplace and insincerity is sniffed out in a minute.  Do you stand out as a person of your word? 
  • Clarity.  Do you present the situation with only the background necessary, proposed solution, and challenges ahead?  Do you clearly and concisely deliver your messages? 
  • Comfort.  Are you able to perform all your speaking activities with the same comfort level you would have when interacting with a friend? 

Your EP – your poise, self-confidence, and control – is measured by the interpersonal skills you exercise.  No matter how talented you are, your success requires being able to express yourself well and interact with your audience.  Just as these singing competitors have to relate to their audience to be selected as finalists, you have to relate to yours. 

So evaluate the responses you are getting in business settings.  Are you being considered for that new role?  Does the term high potential come to mind when leadership talks about you?  Do you communicate easily when you encounter people in positions above and below you?  Or do you freak when the spotlight turns on you and get flustered easily? 

Time and time again, those considering public speaking training are really asking for Executive Presence coaching.  It’s about perfecting the ability to show openness, involvement, honesty and clarity.  With that kind of coaching, professionals are better able to speak effectively in all public situations, because they have confidence their own “voice.” 

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