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Claudia Coplon Clements 

For 35 years, Claudia Coplon Clements developed strategic communications that effectively convey a company’s message. Today, she uses her expertise gained as a writer and public relations consultant to train professionals in generating concise, relationship-building written communications Her goal is to help employees, managers and executives overcome life-long phobias and poor writing habits. As a result, her non-threatening, humorous corporate training programs improve business writing skills, inspire confidence and engender more effective written communications.

Claudia brings a broad expanse of knowledge to her training programs. Her expertise is based on having developed, organized, coordinated and prepared written materials and public relations programs for companies in public and private sectors. Company industries within which she has worked include but are not limited to engineering, high tech, food and food packaging, transportation and logistics, health care, finance, consumer, association, legal, and business-to-business.

As a writer, her credits are numerous. For instance, she has ghost authored articles, position papers and correspondence for senior management; edited/rewritten model policies and procedures to accredit correctional facilities in the United States and Canada; and served as managing editor on two coffee table books. She held editorial responsibility for newsletters disseminated by one of the original “Big Five” accounting firms to technology and manufacturing companies, prepared lesson plans and training manuals for a national fast food enterprise, wrote catalogue entries for the international launch of CD-ROM offerings, prepared annual reports for profit and non-profit groups, and edited an evolving diplomatic magazine. She also published a quarterly scientific journal and an association directory that were lauded by the American Society of Association Executives and the American Association of Medical Society Executives as award-winning.

In her public relations roles, Claudia designed, developed and orchestrated communication programs to market groups including a national educational meeting that attracted 27,000 attendees to Atlanta annually, an EAM software and services organization, a general dentistry practice as well as its TMJ treatment center to the public and referral audiences, various business-to-business companies, real estate developments, and a cause-marketing firm to name just a few. These public relations campaigns have also included community relations programs such as one conducted to facilitate the acquisition of a medical system and another to ease acceptance of a gold mine project in an historical Nevada town.

Because Claudia is organizational by nature, she clocked many hours on logistics projects including coordination for four U.S. Small Business Administration conferences across the country and registration for the White House Conference on Families, creation and structure for the capture of information to develop an in-house client and contact database for a 350-person law firm, coordination of an expo/trade show to introduce new graphic process, traffic flow pattern and booth approach for trade show implementations, and a host of other large-scale events.

Claudia’s business writing workshops blend writing basics and direction within the jargons specific to each client’s industry. From correctional professionals working in New Mexico, Tennessee and Alaska prisons to CEOs in boardrooms across the U.S. and staff at educational institutions such as Emory, UGA, Spelman, ASU, and North Carolina State University, she conveys skills that declutter the written word and attract reader attention. Claudia brings to her training real life experience coupled with tried and true public relations approaches and a drive to conciseness. As a result, class participants gain the skills and philosophy necessary to position their written materials for impact and success. Contact Claudia Coplon Clements