Flow to Grow Your Business

Do you use the same conversational flow on the page that you would face to face? Too often our writing
is stilted, self-oriented, cluttered and – face it – boring.  Make your words flow, capture and keep your
reader’s attention:

  • Vary sentence lengths. Choppy sentences are disastrous when used alone as are boring
    information-packed sentences. Generate interest and keep the flow by interspersing
    three-word sentences amongst your 15- to 20-word statements.
  • Transition – between your paragraphs and between your sentences. Move the reader
    along with words like “consequently,” “finally,” and “to do this,” or introduce a new
    thought with a “however” or “even so.”
  • Maintain momentum by writing in active rather than passive voice. With active voice,
    the subject does the acting – you are reading this cue. With passive voice, the action
    happens to the subject – the cue is being read by you. The shorter, crisper, more
    interesting active voice propels the reader toward your call to action.
  • Proof for mistakes. That one misspelling, word misuse or typo stops down your reader.
    She halts, rereads the mistake and pauses to reflect on what should have been. If she
    begins to read again, it is with a less favorable impression of your and your organization’s

If your writing doesn’t flow, your reader will, at best, scan through your words. At worst, he
will turn from your communications to another. Make sure your writing is growing your traffic
flow, not sending your business out the door.

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