Did He Really Say “Athelete”?

No matter what your age or education, you may have been using many non-words since you were a child, thanks to the influence of family and friends. So here’s your test — 16 to be “Replaced” words “With” the correct pronunciation. Take your pencil and paper.  You have seven minutes…GO!


Replace                 With
Artic   Arctic
Aks   Ask
Calvary   Cavalry
Card Shark         Cardsharp   
Chester Drawers   Chest of Drawers
Close    Clothes
Dialate Dilate
Drownd    Drown
Excape   Escape
Expresso   Espresso
Excetera   Et Cetera
Heighth     Height
Fedral   Federal
For all intensive purposes For all intents and purposes
Interpretate   Interpret
Irregardless   Regardless
Larnyx Larynx


13-16 words said correctly…….”Henry Higgins” (“My Fair Lady”)

11-12 words said correctly…….William Shatner (“Star Trek”)

 9-10 words said correctly………Sheldon Cooper (“Big Bang Theory”)

 8 and under said correctly………Tony Danza (Everything he’s ever done!)

How did you do?  Remember, you can keep it between you and me. 

During the next three weeks, think about using the correct version of the word.  When you start out, you’ll miss it more often than you remember it.  But stay with it! 

There are so many ways we make impressions (favorable and unfavorable).  Some we can’t help.  However, a correct word use will raise your score on the impression scale.  Tony Danza seems like a nice man, but…

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