Executive Speak/Write provides:

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Executive Presence Coaching

Executive Speak/Write understands the importance of executive presence. How you draw attention, how you conduct yourself in groups all reflect on your professional growth and that of your company’s. Working together,  coach and client identify tactics to improve/refine the speaking and writing techniques, and apply this new awareness to communications opportunities. Button2


  • Assess and improve speaking and/or writing techniques.
  • Create new habits in packaging messages when speaking and/or writing.
  • Explore ways to take control of and/or participate more in meetings, utilize tone and style to garner respect, and take a solutions-driven approach to professional interactions.
  • Focus coaching on each client’s particular set of needs.

…RESULTS in:                                       

  • More confident leadership and presentations.
  • Increased effectiveness in business communications skills.
  • Reduced barriers to individual and group interactions.
  • Relationship-building communications.

THE FINAL OUTCOME? Executives and professionals are able to convey calm, sincerity, leadership and competence in their physical, personal and speaking styles in the business environment.  Button2