Challenge Office Chatter With More Concise Internal Communications

Ever found yourself fantasying about ejector seats as half-hour conference calls last three hours, as the first three-quarters of an hour-long meeting are spent on other subjects, and as employees take 15 or 30 minutes to present a five-minute message?

Well, don’t just sit there. Change the culture.   Over the next three weeks — the time it takes to create a new habit —

Start running clock on meetings and conference calls, and encourage staff to:

  • Establish an agenda prior to any conversation and adhere to it.
  • State the most important points first.
  • Say it, say it quickly, and say so long.

Send verbal clues such as “Got it” when the message is received and understood. This signals the talker that no additional explanation — or time — is needed. And, if everyone uses the same term, no one should be insulted. After all, “time is money” in any professional environment.

What has been your best time-shortner in a meeting?

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