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Business Writing Skills Training

Executive Speak/Write customizes business writing workshops seminars to help top and middle level corporate executives improve business writing skills and develop effective written communication techniques and voices that convey consistent, effective and concise messages to stakeholders, investors, employees, consumers, peers and other audiences. Button2

Claudia Coplon Clements translates her 35 years in writing for diverse industries into easy-to-follow business writing skills. Through individual and group workshops, participants:

  • Master Appropriate Writing Techniques. Learn tips for preparing business letters, reports, proposals and other corporate documents such as the use of active vs. passive voice, decluttering, positive positioning, etc.
  • Deliver A Concise And Coherent Message. Develop business writing skills or techniques that keep the reader interested and still accomplish the purpose with phrasing that fits your management personality.


  • Create new habits to improve formatting and style that move writers away from the “every sentence beginning with I” mentality and towards a “call to action” communication.
  • Assess and improve existing and workshop-prepared documents.
  • Review and apply basic grammatical rules.
  • Explore ways to convey the same message across various formats, including letters, speeches, proposals and presentations.


  • Improved business letter, memo, e-mail and writing skills.
  • Fewer barriers to effective business communication.
  • More professional internal and external communication tools.
  • The mastery of techniques that distill complex agendas into key messages.
  • Maximized simplicity.

THE FINAL OUTCOME? Written communications more effectively present appropriate messages from and about the individual, the company and the situation. Button2