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Up to 23 billion. That’s how many texts we are sending worldwide each and every day. So are you just backing into texting? Using it on occasion? Or are you one of those folks who has fully embraced texting? Wherever you fall on the Short Message System (SMS) spectrum, take a look at those 160… Read More →

Write Concisely To Keep Your Reader’s Attention

Your reader has a finite amount of attention to devote to your letter, e-mail, executive summary, or any other written communication. For more concise writing that allows you to inform, persuade or motivate your audience: Use simple, straightforward, everyday words like “try” instead of “endeavor.” Studies show needlessly complex words lower the reader’s evaluation of… Read More →

An Eye for An Aye

Your eye contact during any form of oral communications — a presentation, speech or business meeting — will affect your outcome. For best results: Look at your listeners rather than staring over their heads. Audiences base their concentration level on whether you are talking to them or “at” them. Eyeball each member in the audience… Read More →

Effective Executive Summaries Encourage “Buy In”

Face it. Most people read an executive summary to pre-determine their interest in a company, idea, even the remainder of a report. As a result, that poorly written summary may close the door on any future opportunity no matter how effective the rest of your document. Take charge: Be concise! Limit that summary to 10%… Read More →