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My Next Point Is Dull — And Ineffective Too!

Any presentation, be it five minutes, an hour or even longer, is divided into sections. To entice the listener to stay with you rather than develop “mental wanderlust” is essential. Further, you have to employ transitions to differentiate the new section from the previous one. The most common transitions, guaranteed to cause a seat squirm… Read More →

To Be Or Not To Be? May “Be” Not.

Be, is, are, was. Are the various versions of the verb “be” finding their way into the majority of sentences you write? Maybe it’s time to rewrite what maybe “be.” “Be” verbs are state-of-being verbs – the right here and right now. They are static, boring and lay waste to concise writing. Using the “be”… Read More →

Is Networking Your Nemesis?

How often do you sign up for a networking event, sometimes with a hefty fee for an awful dinner—even a dreadful speaker, and wind up talking with no one? Are you angry with yourself for drinking solo and going home with the same number of business cards you brought? It might help to know that,… Read More →

Shorter Meetings, Stronger Morale

Interminable meetings decrease work efficiency and reduce morale. If you are conducting a meeting: Plan and distribute an agenda, including time limit for each item. Set a definitive time for concluding as well as convening. Keep to the schedule, even alerting participants to a “three minutes left before we move on” indicator. Interrupt attention seekers… Read More →