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Oh My Gosh, I Said ‘Um!’

Let’s be honest. It’s impossible to be one hundred percent articulate during an oral presentation that lasts several minutes or longer, unless we’re reading from the text. And if you read from the text, it had better have the importance of a State of the Union address, or we, the audience, are bored and wish… Read More →

Turn Down The Noise

Are you a noisy writer? Look around you. Everyone is focused on creating new income producing and career opportunities. The ideas, emotions, stress and demands for change are generating an unparalleled din in the business world. To make your internal and external emails and letters rise above the noise: Delete the emotion. It would be… Read More →

Banish Speeches! Just Tell Stories

From the moment we begin communicating, that word “speech” cripples us. So much so that presenting in public has become the number one phobia. It’s greater than airplane fear. Can you believe it’s even bigger than death? So if you put it together, these people would rather die in a plane crash than “give a… Read More →

Performance Cues for “Flying” Zoom

So, was it just two weeks ago when you had that out-of-town meeting? Remember trudging to a remote city via a connecting flight, which was delayed by weather, only to arrive at an “anywhere” hotel with steal-proof hangars and one bar of soap designed for a very small individual? You slept poorly, had the meeting,… Read More →