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First Impressions — Lasting Impressions

You’ve heard it before. When meeting someone for the first time – a prospective client, a new employer or a stakeholder – be energetic and give a firm handshake (not so hard the other person winces or drops to the ground). However, when someone is meeting you for the first time, there are other qualities… Read More →

Somebody Has To Tell You

They keep changing the rules on us. They don’t put up billboards. They don’t send out memos. And, yet, those people who make the grammar rules keep rolling out new directions for punctuation. Does it really matter? Yes. All those pesky commas and apostrophes, and even periods, are all about helping the reader take your… Read More →

Professionals Are Shaking

Men who wear a well-fitting suit or sports jacket and tie are respected at first glance, as are women dressed in a conservative dress or skirt and blouse that indicate style and taste. … While some people have honest and devoted friends or relatives to provide feedback (provided they are skilled in the dos and don’ts of communications and image), other people need training to retain or obtain a desired position.

Presentation “Blunders” – Keys To Success!

Wait! That title must be a mistake. Blunders, mistakes, errors—whatever, ruin your speech, sully your reputation, create terror for future presentations and are the bane of your existence. Wrong! How could that be? Here are some examples: When giving a report, you announce that three million people in the company supported the proposal. You meant… Read More →