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What’s Your Pick Up Line?

Think of your opening line of a business letter or email as your pick up line. Really. Imagine walking up to someone you would like to meet and opening with “My name is xxx and I do this and this.” Oh goody. No suddenly smitten response there. Yet, most of us open our written communications… Read More →

Keep Your Communications Style Positive

What’s your communication style when “presenting” one-on-one to your employee? Are you the listener/friend to whom he can tell anything? Or the person who makes the ground rattle when blame needs to be placed? One of the best ways for a little communications style dust off is preparing for the next annual review you conduct…. Read More →

Business Success Takes Writing Finesse

Business writing has lost its finesse. Gone is the subtle approach to informing/persuading/motivating readers. Lost is the ability to address difficult situations. Most writers dash off an email or text without thinking through how best to actually “reach” that reader. The result? We are not exercising one of our best trump cards in a very… Read More →

Holiday Presence

Holiday parties. Good experiences? Career-sinking activities? Reputation-ending comments? All too often, and with the help of alcohol, many otherwise-sane professionals have made toe-curling (theirs and everyone else’s) statements at holiday office get-togethers. Of course, these are augmented by the morning-after stories about inappropriate behavior, who said what to whom, and an embarrassing regaling of other… Read More →