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What’s Your Pick Up Line?

Think of your opening line of a business letter or email as your pick up line. Really. Imagine walking up to someone you would like to meet and opening with “My name is xxx and I do this and this.” Oh goody. No suddenly smitten response there. Yet, most of us open our written communications… Read More →

Want a job? Write a letter

Letters.  The differentiator.  The job getter.  The project getter. Most people trying to sell their services lose out on a job consideration for want of a cover letter, according to another excellent article by Laura Raines that ran in Sunday, April 8, 2012, Atlanta Journal Constitution.  As Laura writes, out of 250 replies to a… Read More →

Keep Your Communications Style Positive

What’s your communication style when “presenting” one-on-one to your employee? Are you the listener/friend to whom he can tell anything? Or the person who makes the ground rattle when blame needs to be placed? One of the best ways for a little communications style dust off is preparing for the next annual review you conduct…. Read More →

Better Business Writing? Elementary, Watson

How often do you find yourself eager to tackle all of the communications you just received? Now think about your reader who likewise is being inundated with letters and emails, meetings and phone calls. Expecting that reader to jump up and down with the excitement of reading about your product, your company or your service… Read More →

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