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Doesn’t A Good Vocabulary Mean I’m An Intelligent Writer?

Study after study shows readers are more impressed by simplicity. They want ease in reading. Throw a perfectly good, multisyllabic word in, and readers have to pause in their scanning process (and they are scanning), think through what you mean and then, hopefully, pick back up their train of thought. Use the word incorrectly or… Read More →

Information Overload

Did you know that your reader’s brain is receiving 34 GB of information on a daily basis? In fact, in every two-day period, we generate as much information as man did from the dawn of civilization until the year 2003. And there you are contributing to the avalanche of information already coming at your reader…. Read More →

Constructing An Effective Message – Make It Work!

Effective communications.  Effective speeches.  Effective documents.  We continually harp on the importance of developing communication habits that inform/persuade/motivate the audience to meet your goal.  Fine, you say.  But how? Like everything else, it comes down to packaging.  Every message must have an: 1  –  Attention Getter.  The attention getter is a headline or statement that… Read More →

Flow to Grow Your Business

Do you use the same conversational flow on the page that you would face to face? Too often our writing is stilted, self-oriented, cluttered and – face it – boring.  Make your words flow, capture and keep your reader’s attention: Vary sentence lengths. Choppy sentences are disastrous when used alone as are boring information-packed sentences…. Read More →