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Who Took The Politic Out Of Politics?

Read any newspaper, magazine or website during an election year. It’s finger pointing here, posturing there – messages that are anything but tactful and diplomatic. In short, our candidates, pundits and commentators have taken the politic out of politics. Most business writers are doing the same thing in the workplace. All too often, the messages… Read More →

Executive Presence —The Differentiator!

Companies are learning that degrees alone do not guarantee the right people are hired.  Nor do they indicate who will be exceptionally effective in each role.  Were that true, in this difficult economy where we have more than enough MBAs, PhDs, and post-PhDs working, every manager and employee would be a home run. Instead skills… Read More →

. . . But Were Afraid To Ask

No matter what the profile, industry or professional level, our business writing class participants will always pose the same questions. Some of the most popular queries are answered below. Any of them resonate with you? How do I get the reader to do what I need done? Where do I start? The basic problem is… Read More →

Shyness: The Career Killer

“I’m shy so I just listen in meetings.” “I avoid all speaking situations, so few people know my name.” “I do a good job. It’s just that few people are aware of it.” If any of these sound like you, face it. You’re shy! In reality, most business professionals are shy. Surprised? Yes, others seem… Read More →