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Ever Go Blank When You Are Speaking?

Ever go blank on a perfectly easy, everyday word or name? Push the panic button and even more words will disappear? It happens to everyone. Humor breaks the tension every time. Try something like “That name/word is downloading. I’ll get back to you.” Then continue with whatever you wanted to say. (No more referring to… Read More →

Those Crutch Words Offer No Support

Do you often add words to a sentence that have no role in what you are saying? Some of the more popular of these crutch words include: – You know – Like – Literally – Honestly – Basically – Seriously – Definitely Take time to proof your writing for these tired, over-used words that unnecessarily… Read More →

To Be Or Not To Be? May “Be” Not.

Are the various versions of the verb “be” finding their way into the majority of sentences you write? “Be” verbs are state-of-being verbs – the right here and right now. They are static, boring and lay waste to concise writing. Using the “be” verb: This article is of interest to me. A more concise use… Read More →

Dashing To Hyphenate?

There really is a difference between dashes and hyphens. To marry two words together using your computer keyboard, simply strike the underscore/minus key once to create a hyphen (-). Just once. Twice and you create a dash. (Typing on your smart phone? No worries. You have only one punctuation choice there.) Right: 4-5 story buildings… Read More →