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Lean and Mean in 2021

A recent Dilbert cartoon by Scott Adams featured an employee explaining to his supervisor why he had not finished assignments discussed in the last meeting.  “Because your communications skills are so poor that I had no idea I was supposed to do a task.”  Adding insult to injury, another staff member asked belatedly, “Did I… Read More →

Did He Really Say “Athelete”?

No matter what your age or education, you may have been using many non-words since you were a child, thanks to the influence of family and friends. So here’s your test — 16 to be “Replaced” words “With” the correct pronunciation. Take your pencil and paper.  You have seven minutes…GO!   Replace           … Read More →

Parroting Pompous Phrases?

Still populating your business emails and letters with phrases like as per your request, until such time as people can respond, in a timely manner, etc.? That’s so yesterday. Worse, the aloofness those once popular professional phrases strived for pushes today’s reader away – an option we can ill afford in this business climate.  Imagine… Read More →

Is That Just A Title . . . Or Really Your Talent?

You’ve been named Manager/Director/VP of fill in the blank. Your mother must be so proud. With an even more amazing track record, why you may even have been appointed President or CEO. Congratulations – but remember, right now, it’s just a title. You must demonstrate you possess the innumerable positive traits that prove you deserve… Read More →