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Activate That Passive Voice

Why add worrying about writing in active versus passive voice to your plate?  Because you want to keep your reader’s attention.  Active voice sentences are more interesting and more concise, as well as stronger and clearer than those generated in passive voice. First, a quick reminder. Active voice writing is all about the sentence subject’s… Read More →

To Whom It May Concern — Or Is It Who?

Good news for those of you struggling with who and whom.  Grammar experts are, once again, predicting the demise of whom. Bad news for those of you cheering. According to Megan Garber staff writer for The Atlantic, Grammar Girl Mignon Fogarty puts money on whom hanging around for another 50 to 100 years.  Still, fewer… Read More →

Is Your Writing Wronging Your Internet Presence?

Have a Facebook and/or LinkedIn page?  Do you tweet?  Ever posted a paper or article, or an Instagram caption? The Internet allows us to convey important (and not so important) information with increasing speed.  Unfortunately, our growing addiction for such instant gratification is playing havoc with the quality of our writing.  And, every one of… Read More →

On Stage At Work

Executive Presence is the differentiator when vying for jobs, meeting control, customer attention, etc.  After all, you are essentially on state.  If you haven’t dusted off your EP lately, it’s time for a mental review of how you interact with internal and external audiences (and, perhaps, some brush-ups).  Think about the last few times you… Read More →