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Executive Presence Equals Professional Success

• How do you project poise and self-confidence in the business environment? • Does your packaging convey the right message? • Do your actions and words communicate accessibility and energy? Executive presence means using your physical, personal and speaking style to invoke strength and trust, sincerity, leadership and competence. That appearance of being in control… Read More →

Is Your Writing Wronging Your Internet Presence?

Have a Facebook and/or Linked-In page?  Do you tweet?  Ever posted a paper or article, or a flickr caption?  The Internet allows us to convey important (and not so important) information with increasing speed.  Unfortunately, our growing addiction for such instant gratification is playing havoc with the quality of our writing.  And, every one of… Read More →

If They Can, So Can You

They are kids from around the state, ages 13 to 19.  They are singing their hearts out, often for the first time on a stage, in hopes of impressing three judges from the entertainment industry. (Thanks to years as executive producer for The Disney Channel’s  Mickey Mouse Club, I sit as Chief Judge.)  The results of this… Read More →

Lean and Mean in 2013

A recent Dilbert cartoon by Scott Adams featured an employee explaining to his supervisor why he had not finished assignments discussed in the last meeting.  “Because your communications skills are so poor that I had no idea I was supposed to do a task.”  Adding insult to injury, another staff member asked belatedly, “Did I… Read More →

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