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Begone Copy Heavy Emails!

Ever opened a copy heavy email? Line after line of words, a screen chocked full of long paragraphs, oceans of black letters screaming for attention. What happens? You move on to another email with plans to return to this one later, right? Ha! Find that email on your phone or in at a text, and… Read More →

Take Stock Before Going Eye To Eye

Many of you will be heading back to the office soon. It’s time for a mental review of how you interact with internal and external audiences live and in person. Consider your: Eye contact. You’ve spent months staring at the little camera on your computer. Time to practice looking directly at your audience when you… Read More →

Can You Pass The Pronunciation Test?

No matter what your age or education, you may be using non-words. So here’s your test — 16 to be “Replaced” words “With” the correct pronunciation. pronunciation. Replace With Artic Arctic Calvary Cavalry Card Shark Cardsharp Chester Drawers Chest of Drawers Close Clothes Dialate Dilate Drownd Drown Excape Escape Expresso Espresso Excetera Et Cetera Heighth Height… Read More →

Using The “Write” Pick-Up Line?

Think of your opening line of a business letter or email as your pick up line. Yes, really. Would you approach someone you would like to meet with “My name is xxx and I do this and this”? No, but most of us open our written communications that way. “My company does such and so”… Read More →