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Live From Your Office — It’s Teleconferencing!

Teleconferencing can reduce expenses and travel time only if you are motivating your audience on camera the same way you would in person. Don’t let discomfort with the technology or a too casual attitude destroy your business persona. Instead: Be conversational. Unless you have return video, you won’t see your audience.   Treat the camera as… Read More →

Essentials for Email Effectiveness

Typically, the person you are e-mailing is juggling 60 to 70 e-mails a day. To capture his attention more effectively: Restrict each message to one subject. Otherwise the reader must save the e-mail to a different folder for each action item, edit the e-mail before it can be forwarded to the right party or put… Read More →

Challenge Office Chatter With More Concise Internal Communications

Ever found yourself fantasying about ejector seats as half-hour conference calls last three hours, as the first three-quarters of an hour-long meeting are spent on other subjects, and as employees take 15 or 30 minutes to present a five-minute message? Well, don’t just sit there. Change the culture.   Over the next three weeks — the… Read More →