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Getting the Point of PowerPoint

Are you writing effective PowerPoint presentations? If everything you plan to say is already featured on each slide, you are giving up your power to the PowerPoint. You become nothing more than a disembodied voice reading to a bored, and now unimpressed, audience. And that audience is reading ahead faster than you can speak! Make… Read More →

“I’m Going To Talk To You About . . .” —ZZZZ!

Let’s be honest. As much as people hate giving a presentation, it’s no thrill listening to most of them. The first cue we’re in for a rough time? When the speaker (make that the majority of speakers) begins with “I’m going to talk to you today about (fill in the blank).” Cue the snooze! Then… Read More →

Live From Your Office — It’s Teleconferencing!

Teleconferencing can reduce expenses and travel time only if you are motivating your audience on camera the same way you would in person. Don’t let discomfort with the technology or a too casual attitude destroy your business persona. Instead: Be conversational. Unless you have return video, you won’t see your audience.   Treat the camera as… Read More →

Essentials for Email Effectiveness

Typically, the person you are e-mailing is juggling 60 to 70 e-mails a day. To capture his attention more effectively: Restrict each message to one subject. Otherwise the reader must save the e-mail to a different folder for each action item, edit the e-mail before it can be forwarded to the right party or put… Read More →