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Body Beautiful

Taut and streamlined, without any flab. Like the ideal human body, the ideal body of a presentation should have the same traits. This is “the meat on the bones”—the information, persuasion and/or motivation that’s your reason for addressing your audience. Say you have a 15 minute presentation to give. “But,” you protest, “I have so… Read More →

You Needed It When?

Subject lines are the key dictators of whether an e-mail gets read. In fact, over 33 percent of e-mails are deleted before they are ever opened no matter how many times you may have pressed “important,” “high priority,” or “urgent.” And there you sit, awaiting a response. . . and waiting … and waiting. During… Read More →

Hands Up Mister!

Yes, it is a cliché from every old Western. But it happens to be great advice for speakers. From grade school on, teachers and parents have lectured us to keep our hands at our sides when addressing a group. Not only is that uncomfortable and unnatural, it turns us into a “talking head”—literally! It’s a… Read More →

Paralyzed By Speaking?

Facing a speech? See if you identify with any of the paralysis—and solutions—below. Shaky Hands – If your hands shake uncontrollably, put your notes on the lectern or attach them to a weighted clipboard. As someone with a natural hand tremor, I know this works. Shaky Voice – If your voice does not clear up… Read More →