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Performance Cues for “Flying” Skype

So, was it just two weeks ago when you had that out-of-town meeting? Remember trudging to a remote city via a connecting flight, which was delayed by weather, only to arrive at an “anywhere” hotel with steal-proof hangars and one bar of soap designed for a very small individual? You slept poorly, had the meeting,… Read More →

Cues and Clues for Improved Communications

For a few hints on improving your communications, grab a cup of coffee and listen to Steve’s and Claudia’s interview with Jon Baker of Biz Rocket Radio.

Soft Rock on TONYS Last Night

There’s no doubt Chris Rock was a poor choice to announce the Best Musical on the TONY Awards last night. After all, the man has had nothing to do with musical comedy. Yes, he was in a Broadway play this season. However, basically he’s a comedian who has always worked with a hand-held, portable mic…. Read More →

My Next Point Is Dull — And Ineffective Too!

Any presentation, be it five minutes, an hour or even longer, is divided into sections. To entice the listener to stay with you rather than develop “mental wanderlust” is essential. Further, you have to employ transitions to differentiate the new section from the previous one. The most common transitions, guaranteed to cause a seat squirm… Read More →

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