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Mistakes That Sell Speeches

Why are most people deathly afraid of giving a presentation? The answer usually revolves around the humiliation of making a mistake. It’s all those nightmares about the moment we lose credibility, the moment we mix up the order of points, draw a blank or mispronounce multi-syllabic word—even after numerous tries. In those nightmares, hordes of… Read More →

It’s Write Watchers Time

Short, concise writing is the best attention getter in today’s information-laden business world. So resolve to break some of your word-heavy habits in 2021 and get your writing in shape. Just picture your old routine. You have an important letter or email to prepare. A fresh cup of coffee, a few sighs, a quick check… Read More →

“Any Questions?” Is Not The Answer!

So you have survived the introduction and body of your presentation. Your introduction captured the audience’s attention and announced your purpose. The body provided the most relevant information, persuasion and/or motivation possible in the time allotted. Now you ask “Any questions?” with the hope there aren’t any and you can sit down. Right? Wrong! The… Read More →

Simplify That Perspicuous, Transpicuous Writing

It comes across your desk or your screen. A writing nightmare. Complex, complicated, multi-syllabic words strewn together to convey who knows what. Forging your way through the copy would take a dictionary and thesaurus. How quickly do you turn to something else? Almost immediately – and with a groan. Readers respond to simplicity in wording…. Read More →