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Flow to Grow Your Business

Do you use the same conversational flow on the page that you would face to face? Too often our writing is stilted, self-oriented, cluttered and – face it – boring.  Make your words flow, capture and keep your reader’s attention: Vary sentence lengths. Choppy sentences are disastrous when used alone as are boring information-packed sentences…. Read More →

Better Business Writing? Elementary, Watson

How often do you find yourself eager to tackle all of the communications you just received? Now think about your reader who likewise is being inundated with letters and emails, meetings and phone calls. Expecting that reader to jump up and down with the excitement of reading about your product, your company or your service… Read More →

Why That “Thank You” May Go Unread

Ever written a thank you that included a request for information? Did you hear back?  Think about your own reaction to a note that starts “thank you for. . .” Aware of what always follows, you rarely read on. Like you, the business executive who sees a “thank you for . . .” opener assumes… Read More →

When There’s An Elephant In The Room

Ever been in front of a group, on a Zoom call, making a presentation, or giving a speech when your body just isn’t cooperating?  Sure, you can hide something like a headache.  People can’t see it.  However, what happens when those looking at you spy a very visible problem? You have to deal with that… Read More →