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Constructing An Effective Message – Make It Work!

Effective communications.  Effective speeches.  Effective documents.  We continually harp on the importance of developing communication habits that inform/persuade/motivate the audience to meet your goal.  Fine, you say.  But how? Like everything else, it comes down to packaging.  Every message must have an: 1  –  Attention Getter.  The attention getter is a headline or statement that… Read More →

Activate That Passive Voice

Why add worrying about writing in active versus passive voice to your plate?  Because you want to keep your reader’s attention.  Active voice sentences are more interesting and more concise, as well as stronger and clearer than those generated in passive voice. First, a quick reminder. Active voice writing is all about the sentence subject’s… Read More →

When There’s An Elephant In The Room

Ever been in front of a group, making a presentation, giving a speech when your body just isn’t cooperating?  Sure, you can hide something like a headache.  People can’t see it.  However, what happens when those looking at you spy a very visible problem? You have to deal with that problem so the audience can… Read More →

To Whom It May Concern — Or Is It Who?

Good news for those of you struggling with who and whom.  Grammar experts are, once again, predicting the demise of whom. Bad news for those of you cheering. According to Megan Garber who wrote For Whom The Bell Tolls in April’s The Atlantic, Grammar Girl Mignon Fogarty puts money on whom hanging around for another 50… Read More →

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