Executive Speak/Write delivers customized skills improvement training in oral and written communications. After our one-on-one coaching, corporate workshops, and speaking events, you emerge better able to capture audience attention, create working relationships, enhance message delivery, and maximize your executive presence in business interactions.

This more effective communications approach — more effective relationship-driven communications approach — translates into a competitive edge for you and your team.

To improve your ability to communicate in the business world, contact Claudia Coplon Clements.

Executive Speak/Write Provides Programs & Services in:

Public speaking, executive
presence, and media skills
training and coaching to
attract, educate and drive your
audience toward your goal.
Training and coaching in
business writing techniques

that persuade, inform and/or
motivate your internal and
external readers effectively.
Event speakers who draw
attendees, entertain your
audiences and differentiate
your programs, workshops
and seminars from others.


 Activate That
Passive Voice


Why add worrying about writing in active versus passive voice to your plate?  

Because you want to keep your reader’s attention. 

Active voice sentences are more interesting and more concise, as well as stronger and clearer than those generated in passive voice.

For differences, hints and technical tricks, click here.

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